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Tools for Teachers:

MATH-TEACHER offers two utility programs for teachers:
Program for Generating and Printing tests and the Customization Program.

Problem Generator for Printed Tests
This program is a helpful tool for teachers to prepare off-line tests and homework for their students.

The teacher determines the mathematical topic, the number of problems and their difficulty. The program generates automatically a required set of problems based on these criteria. The teacher can browse the list and print it out. A certain option allows the teacher to print out the detailed answers on a separate sheet. The task of checking the students' work is easier!! Alternatively, the teacher can give the answers to the students and ask them to self-check their work.

The same set of problems can serve as a prototype from which several different tests that have the same degree of difficulty can be generated and printed. The problems are not drawn from a static data base, but rather generated at random at run time.

Clearly, this program is not just a mathematical text editor, but rather, a sophisticated tool that can save much effort and hours of work while preparing tests and homework.

The following example shows how to prepare a test in Calculus - Integrals, on "Calculating Area and Volume" topic.
The teacher chooses how many problems from each Level (1-3) will be included in the test. In this case, one problem from the first two levels, and two problems from the last level.

Now the teacher can preview the generated test on the screen:

Finally, these are the printout of the 4 problems and their answers:

The Customization Utility
Unlike the Generator of Printed Test program, this utility is not a stand-alone program; It helps the teacher to adjust the tutorial program to the level of the students and their capability.

Examples of parameters are the number of problems that the student is required to solve before proceeding to the next level, and the minimal grade. Other parameters control the difficulty of the on-line test: The number of problems in a test, the composition of the test and the test duration.


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