MATH-TEACHER Calculus & Linear Programming



Calculus & Linear Programming

Calculus - Derivatives of Polynomials

Deriving and investigating elementary functions The notion of the derivative, investigating polynomial functions The slope of a graph at a point • Derivative at a point • Derivative function • Increasing and decreasing function • Stationary point • Extreme point • Investigating polynomial functions of second, third and fourth degree more...

Calculus - Derivatives of Elementary Functions

Deriving products and quotients • Deriving composite functions • Investigating rational, irrational, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic and general power functions more...

Calculus - Integrals

Antiderivatives, calculation of area and volume Antiderivatives • The indefinite integral • Relationship between two antiderivatives • The graphic meaning of the constant of integration • Rules of integration • The area function • Solid of revolution more...

Linear Programming

Inequalities and systems with two variables, solving problems Inequalities and systems with two variables • Linear function with two variables • Feasible domain • Linear programming problems more...
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