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Special on-line timed-test scheme

Special on-line timed-test scheme

The goal of the on-line timed test is to help students and teachers to evaluate if the students have mastered the skills in a certain topic. Choosing the option "Test" generates for each student a random set of problems in the topic. Teachers can replace the standard test by asking their students to use this option.

MATH-TEACHER presents a special technique in these tests: The program presents all the problems of the test right at the beginning, enabling the student to choose at each point the next problem to be answered. The number of problems, their difficulty level and the test duration are pre-determined by the program's default or by the teacher using the Teacher Tool Kit.

The following example shows the first page of the test notebook, which includes instructions for the student. Once the button "Start Test" is clicked, the clock starts to run.

Test on the Subject "Investigating Functions", Unit "Calculus 2".

Students can preview all the problems of the test and choose what problem to solve first.

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