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Math-Kal Educational Software Ltd. was established in 1992 by math teachers who translated their expertise, experience and knowledge in math instruction into educational software. The result, MATH-TEACHER, is a helpful, friendly and easy-to-use software for junior and high school level math students and teachers.

MATH-TEACHER combines an open ended "Exploration Environment" with a tutorial program to master math skills. The Exploration Environment allows for free-form function graphing and investigation. Students don't spend their time drawing graphs. Instead they study graphs to understand how changes to the function will change its graph; or how changes to the graph changes the function. It includes a smart graphic calculator.

The tutorial program also allows for free-form input to solve programs. Guidance and hints help students as the type in each step of the solution. Students no longer solve a set of problems in the wrong way, only to move onto the next concept without the foundation of understanding the previous one.

The combination of the tutorial section with the exploration environment makes MATH-TEACHER a unique tool that leads students naturally from theory and exploration to mastery of math concepts.

MATH-TEACHER series for Windows consists of modules (products) that cover much of the math curriculum of grades 7 through 12. The software is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, and Hebrew and partially in German, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish.

MATH-TEACHER includes "Test Generator" utility which is a valuable tool for teachers. It enables the teachers to easily prepare homework and tests, with all the steps of the solutions included on a separate sheet.

The complete package makes MATH-TEACHER a unique and incomparable software for math students and teachers.

The tutorial program offers a variety of interactive learning activities for students:

A printed report summarizes the achievements of the students during the interactive session.

What makes MATH-TEACHER so special?

The adaptive approach and the individual coaching provided during the solution process increase the students' motivation, strengthen the confidence and avoid frustration of many remedial math students.
The individual pace makes MATH-TEACHER attractive to advanced students as well since they can read the lessons, solve problems quickly and progress to new topics.

MATH-TEACHER - a great tool for all the math students!

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