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Usually, word problems are more difficult and challenging than technical exercise, like solving a linear equation for example. They require a higher degree of understanding and proficiency since data has to be analyzed and relationships between objects and data have to be formulated.

The example below (see figure), is taken from the Unit "Word Problems 2". The student can animate the situation by clicking the train icon, and that visualize the story and therefore helps a to understand the probelm.

MATH-TEACHER offers the student who wants or needs, the possibility to divide the problem into sub-tasks, and allows him to handle small tasks rather than the original problem. In this motion problem, the first sub-tasks would be to fill the table with the given data. The last step would be to formulate an equation and solve it. However, a skilled student can skip the first sub-tasks and write directly the equation right at the beginning.

MATH-TEACHER helps each student to work at his/her own pace!

"Word Problem 2"- a uniform motion problem.

First sub-task - the student fills the table.

Final task- the student formulates and solves the equation.

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