Mathematical Topics:

Word Problems 2

Subject 1: Solving word problems involving geometric shapes by using first degree equations.

  • Level 1 : One of the angles in a triangle is 88o,the second angle is 3 times larger than the third angle. Find the angles.
  • Level 2 : One of the angles of a quadrilateral is 90o, the second is larger than the third by 2o and smaller than the fourth by 107o. Find the angles.
  • Level 3 : The perimeter of a rectangle is 76 ft. If the length of one side is increased by 4 ft, and the length of the other side is increased by 5 ft, then its area becomes 186 sq. ft larger. Find its sides.
  • Level 4 : A wire 348 ft long is used to make a rectangular box with a square base. The base edge is smaller than its height by 3 ft. Find the box edges.

Subject 2: Solving word problems by using first degree equations with uniform motion.

  • Level 1 : The distance AB is 175 miles. Dan leaves A at 24 mph. At the same time John leaves B heading towards Dan at 18 mph. When and where do they meet?
  • Level 2 : The distance AB is 59 miles. Dan goes from A at 13 mph. One hour later John leaves B heading towards A at 18 mph. When and where do they meet?
  • Level 3 : The distance AB is 30 miles. Dan leaves A heading towards B at 22 mph. John leaves B at 13 mph in the same direction. When and where do they meet?
  • Level 4 : John leaves A at 22 mph. One hour later Dan leaves A at 29 mph. When and where will Dan reach John ?
  • Level 5 : A car travels from A to B at 84 mph and from B to A at 98 mph. The total travel time is 8 hours. Find AB and the travel time from A to B.
  • Level 6 : Two trains leave A simultaneously. The first goes at 72 mph and the second at 84 mph. After 30 minutes the velocity of the first train increases to 96 mph. The trains arrive at B at the same time. Find AB and their travel time.

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