Awards and Testimonials- from Louisiana School for the Deaf:

A letter from Melinda Partin (LSD Computer Lab Teacher),
Louisiana School for the Deaf
High School Computer Lab
Phone: 504 769-8160 ext. 282
Fax: 504 763-5455

Dear Sir,
We are excited about sharing our experiences with MathKal. It has all been very positive. We feel your program is of great benefit to deaf students working in the area of Algebra.

Thus far, the software is being used with 2 Algebra classes with the total number of students being 12. They come to the computer lab twice a week during their assigned math hour. The students age range is from 14 to 18 years old. Most of the students have taken 1st level tests and passed with 80% or above.

All of the students have said that they really enjoy MathKal. They love to interact with the computer. And the software has greatly helped our students. Many have struggled staying on the same area for 2 or 3 days. But they have been able to analyze their errors, make adjustments and improve their comprehension. The constant feedback if tremendous. The hints and tutorial are being used as the students become more familiar with MathKal. The continual drill on weak areas help make the processes concrete.

Also, because the software does not permit mistakes, students are more attentive to their work. (And what teacher doesn't love that?) We like the time limits on the tests. That is a great addition to the program. The teacher stated " I have seen great benefits in using this software. It gives me more time to focus on those "needy" students. And other students can work on their own without being held back because of another student. It also allow students to work on different levels without pressure from their peers. It gives immediate "feedback", praise and/or correction. the software forces students to analyze the problem and find their own mistakes, thus reinforcing algebraic concepts and retention.

We are so excited about your program. It is the best software we have introduced to our students in the area of math. Our English teachers are wishing for someone to do with grammar what you have done with algebra. We are looking forward to seeing great advancements from our students as they continue to use this software. ** Two of our students are on a level they would even not have even been introduced to this year. It is not even in their algebra book. One of them just came up to my desk and said " My favorite math is in the computer lab." They are challenged to raise their level of comprehension and mathematical ability. They don't want to leave after the hour is completed.

As you can see, we LOVE your program!!!!!!

Melinda Partin

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