Awards and Testimonials- from Ontario High School:

A letter from Al Houseman,
Ontario High School,
Ontario California

...The students are now enjoying the challenge of getting the problem done, and done correctly. They want to pass from one level to the next and realize that the fewer number of mistakes they make the quicker they can accomplish that goal.

They seem also to be gaining a quicker understanding of the material because of the immediate reinforcement, even though it is negative, when they make a mistake. The fact that they must work in an organized manner and not helter skelter all over the page adds to their success as well.

We took a hard copy test of the material in Algebraic Expressions in class today. The students seemed to finish in a reasonable time and felt the material was not too difficult.

All in all I believe they enjoy of the experience of using the program and are increasing their skills. They are disappointed when something interferes with a scheduled visit to the computer lab and are punctual and on task when they are in the lab.

Al Houseman

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