Awards and Testimonials- from an Afternoon School:

A letter from Gillian Liebrandt,
Director of the Institute of Math & English,
#104 2764 Barnet Hwy.
Coquitlam, B.C. V3B 1B9
Tel: 604 - 944-3319

We run an after-school learning centre, where we see about 150 students per week. Most of the older students (i.e. grades 9 through 12) need help in math or just want to be ahead of their grade levels.

We have been using the Math Kal programs for about 10 months and have yet to find a product that compares with it. I have personally reviewed many programs currently available and haven't yet found a program that has all the features and flexibility of Math Kal.

This program allows students to progress at their own pace. The students who need lots of practice in each skill level are able to work on a skill until they have total mastery. Each level of the program is customized with 20 questions and a pass rate of 90%. Students are proficient in a skill before they pass to the next level.

The print facility allows students to do a written test at the end of each level, it also gives us the option of printing homework for students who need extra practice.

I have a grade 10 student who has failed math since he started school. He has been enrolled in various after-school programs, had private tutors, peer tutors and whatever his various teachers recommended. At the end of grade 9 he was advised to take an alternate math program. He started working on Math Kal's Math T1 in July 1997. We started with algebraic expressions, and after 4 hours he passed the written test with 100%.

He is still in the program. Some concepts have been more difficult to master, but being guided through each step and having to find his mistakes before doing the next step has given him confidence. He is currently working on factoring level 5.

I highly recommend this program for students across the learning spectrum. It has proven to be invaluable in our centre. It is my opinion that Math Kal should be made available to as many students as possible.

Gillian Liebrandt

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